Q & A – Some commonly asked Questions:

How long has Innformation Systems been in the hospitality business?

We have been in the hospitality business for over 30 years.

How much does InnfusionWeb cost and can I import my contacts into my new InnfusionWeb System?

The cost is based per user, per month and is paid on a 3-month basis to keep costs at a minimum for our customers. Additionally, we charge a one-time setup fee at installation to cover costs of setting up your property.

Yes, we can import your contacts from your current database into InnfusionWeb too. We customize many of the fields in InnfusionWeb to suite your needs.

Do you have references?

Yes and plenty of them.  We have many customers across the country that enjoy talking to prospective InnfusionWeb users about InnfusionWeb and us. Just let us know and we’d be happy to provide you with them.

Are there any hidden costs?

No.  You may request for us to reinstall your InnfusionWeb connection if you get a new computer or if your computer crashes and there is a small fee.  Additional fees may also apply if you request our help with updating menus, importing information, updating room layouts or onsite training of new staff.

What kinds of reports do you have in InnfusionWeb?

We have an extensive library of reporting options.  We are also able to customize reports for your needs (*additional fees may apply).

Is InnfusionWeb mobile?

Yes.  With InnfusionWeb, you can also access your database from your smartphone or tablet

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